Professor Jean Armstrong

Jean Armstrong leads the optical/wireless research group at Monash University. Her research interests span the fields of telecommunication engineering, women in engineering and engineering education. Within the telecommunications community she is particularly well known for her many contributions to research on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM).  

OFDM is a modulation technique which in the past was used for wireless and wired communication. In 2005 she showed how it could also be adapted to optical communications. Optical OFDM is now a key technology for both optical fiber and optical wireless communications.   

Recent research within her group has covered a range of topics (see publication list). The introduction of LEDs for energy efficient indoor lighting has provided outstanding opportunities both for very high speed data communications and for a completely new form of accurate indoor positioning with many potential applications including assistance for the visually impaired, asset tracking within hospitals and factories and accurate positioning systems for mobile robotics.

What's New

Optics Express paper published describing new accurate visible light positioning technique Click here to go to paper

Awarded ARC Discovery Grant for 2018-2020

OFDM for Optical Communications paper reaches 1500 Google Scholar Citations

Awarded the 2016 IET Mountbatten Medal Click here for IET website​

​OFDM for Optical Communications paper selected for the special JLT issue: A Third of a Century of Lightwave Technology.

OFDM for Optical Communications paper reaches 1000 Google Scholar Citations

IEEE Globecom 2015 presented tutorial on 

Optical Wireless Communications with Maite Brandt-Pearce  and Zhengyuan Xu 

Member of 2015 Australian Research Council (ARC) ERA Research Evaluation Committee​
Click here for ARC ERA website

​Class of 2015 Fellow of IEEE
for contributions to the theory and application of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in wireless and optical communications Click here for FIEEE Class of 2015

ARC Discovery Grant for 2015-2017 ($384,700) with Dr Ahmet Sekercioglu for Accurate position estimation using intensity-modulated optical signals

Second part of Interview with Robyn Williams on The Science Show on ABC Radio National Click here for transcript, audio download and podcast

IEEE Communications Society Best Tutorial Paper Award 2014 for "OFDM for Optical Communications" paper.
Award made at ICC conference in Sydney on 11 June 2014.

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Interview with Robyn Williams on The Science Show on ABC Radio National Click here for transcript, audio download and podcast

Paper in IEEE Communications Magazine, December 2013 Feature topic on Visible Light Communications

J.Armstrong, Y. A. Sekercioglu, and A. Neild, “Visible Light Positioning: A Roadmap for International Standardization,” IEEE Communications Magazine, December 2013.

Reappointed to ARC College of Experts for 2014

Three papers in top ten downloads from Journal of Lightwave Technology  in July 2013

1. S. D. Dissanayake and J. Armstrong, "Comparison of ACO-OFDM, DCO-OFDM and ADO-OFDM in IM/DD Systems,"

4. Jean Armstrong, "OFDM for optical communications"

7. T. Q. Wang, Y. A. Sekercioglu, and J. Armstrong, "Analysis of an Optical Wireless Receiver Using a Hemispherical Lens With Application in MIMO Visible Light Communications,"

Tutorial on Optical OFDM at ICC Conference, Budapest in June 2013