Prizes, Grants and Awards

Jean Armstrong has received many prizes, honours and awards throughout her life, including school and university scholarships and prizes and many honours related to her work as an engineer and an academic.

These recognize her academic achievements, her contribution to research and her work to promote the advancement of women. She has been CI on many major research grants, including five ARC Discovery/Large Grants on aspects of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) for both radio frequency and optical communication and on indoor positioning.


Major Prizes, Honours and Awards


IET Mountbatten Medal

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Professor Jean Armstrong was awarded the Mountbatten Medal in recognition of her research which has had a major influence on both optical and wireless communications and has led to many very highly cited papers and commercialised patents. As an educator, she has been an innovative adopter of new technologies and has led major curriculum reforms at three universities. She has worked to encourage young women and remove the barriers that she herself encountered; her research and contributions to women in engineering have led to both national and international awards.​


Member of Australian Research Council ERA Research Evaluation Committee

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Elevated to Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (FIEEE) for contributions to the theory and application of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in wireless and optical communications.

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IEEE Communications Society Best Tutorial Paper Award

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2012 - 2014

Member, College of Experts, Australian Research Council.


OFDM for Optical Communications paper [1] identified as highly cited paper and part of a research front by ISI.


Invited (all expenses paid)  to Tsinghua University, Beijing as part of an expert group on optical wireless communications.


Inducted in Victorian Honour Roll of Women, Presentation made by Julia Gillard (former prime minister).


$100,000 Peter Doherty Prize for the best commercialization opportunity in Australia, also ANZA Technology Award and ICT Sector Award (with two others).


Institution of Engineers, Australia, Engineering 2000 Award.


Fellow, Institution of Engineers, Australia.


Telecom Australia Scholarship.

1989 - 1990                

Zonta Amelia Earhart Fellowship.


Commonwealth Postgraduate Research Award (relinquished as no part-time or maternity leave provisions.

1970 - 1974

Numerous university prizes including medals in Engineering, Physics and Mathematics and IEE prize for the best final year Electrical Engineering student at University of Edinburgh. 

1970 - 1974

Carolyn Haslett Memorial Scholarship.

(One of three awarded in 1970 for all of UK)


One of ten Scottish high school students sponsored to attend the International Youth Science Fortnight.

1964 - 1970

Bursary throughout Secondary School Education.


Recent Research Graints

2018-2020 - Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Optical Wireless Communications: Solving the spectrum crunch

Chief Investigators: Jean Armstrong, Adrian Neild and Kris Helmerson.

2015 - 2017 -  Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Accurate position estimation using intensity-modulated optical signals

Chief Investigators: Jean Armstrong and Ahmet Sekecioglu.

2013 -  2015 -  Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Multiple-input multiple-output short range optical communications: A broadband solution with virtually unlimited bandwidth

Chief Investigator: Jean Armstrong;  Partner Investigator:  Roger Green (Warwick University, England).

2011 -  European COST Action Travel Grant

Travel grant for invited presentation to European COST Action ICI101 (optical wireless communications)  by Jean Armstrong

2010 -  2012 -  Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM): a breakthrough solution to gaps in broadband delivery.

Chief Investigator: Jean Armstrong.

2010 -  2011 -  Warwick-Monash Strategic Funding Initiative

Optical Wireless Communications- advancing the reach of ICT

Joint Chief Investigors: Jean Armstrong and Roger Green.

2007 -  2009 -  Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OOFDM): a breakthrough for ultra-broadband optical fibre system and infrared wireless personal-area network

First Chief Investigator: Jean Armstrong; Second CI:A. Lowery.

2004 -  2009 -  Australian Research Council Research Network

Australian Communications Research Network

2003 -  2006 -  Australian Research Council Linkage Grant

Development of a new transport layer protocol to provide secure broadband internet connections via satellite to rural and remote areas.

First Chief Investigator: Ben Loh; Second CI: Jean Armstrong.

2001 -  2003 -  Australian Research Council Large Grant

Coding and signal design for reducing signal peaks and interference

First Chief Investigator: Chintha Tellambura; Second CI: Jean Armstrong; PI: Gulliver.

2000 Multimedia Victoria Grant

Grant to attend Korea Technomart 2000 to commercialise OFDM patents

Jean Armstrong.

Plus numerous smaller grants throughout career.

Presentation of $100,000 Peter Doherty Prize for Commercialisation
Presentation of $100,000 Peter Doherty Prize for Commercialisation